Susette Nicole Brooks


Susette Nicole Brooks is a writer who was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. At a young age, she had a penchant for writing that she didn’t know what to do with. With a little nudging from a keen-eyed geography professor at William Paterson University, she decided to spend her life learning how to be a better writer. She later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

As an undergraduate, Susette enlisted in the Army National Guard, a decision that eventually brought her to the Philadelphia area and later to Rowan University where she earned a Master of Arts in Writing and was awarded the 2016 Denise Gess Award for a personal essay about the murder of her friend. She is also the former Creative Nonfiction Editor at Philadelphia Stories.

Susette is currently a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts in Nonfiction at Goucher College where she’s writing an essay collection that examines how race, socioeconomics, and popular culture have affected how she has processed grief. She is also teaches online writing courses at the Community College of Baltimore County.

Susette loves talking about her experiences and wants to hear about yours too, so feel free to reach out to her at any time via Linkedin or Twitter. She currently lives in the New York City Metro area.


Professional Communicator

Academic Qualifications

MFA in Nonfiction - Goucher College
MA in Writing - Rowan University

BA in English (minor in public relations) - William Paterson University

Skills Summary

Writing and Editing

Wrote and edited 2 graduate thesis papers totaling 75,000 words. Reviewed, accepted, and/or declined more than 100 nonfiction submissions for the quarterly literary magazine, Philadelphia Stories. Earned the 2016 Denise Gess Literary Award from Rowan University for a personal essay. Edited and proofread more than 200 manuscripts as a student and teaching assistant. Edited 50 chapter proposals for an essay collection published by Routledge Studies in Popular Music Series. 

Teaching and Coaching

Mentored a high school student through Philadelphia Futures and tutored the student on academic essay writing and new cognitive writing approaches. Taught annual classes on Sexual Assault and Suicide Prevention to Army soldiers. Taught Creative Nonfiction (WRT226) at Goucher College. Lead workshops and book discussions that highlighted writing craft elements. Provided one-on-one counseling to native and international students. Wrote extensive critiques of student manuscripts that offered suggestions for strengthening the mechanical and technical aspects of their writing.  Developed budget management courses for Army professionals across various functional levels. 

Budget Management

Managed a 4 million dollar budget for the graduate school at Goucher College. Analyzed 10 accounts monthly, identified discrepancies, and recommended action plans. Trained academic directors on best financial practices. Coordinated with the school's budget officer to align local financial plans with those of the college. Planned, executed, and analyzed the funding of a 20 million dollar budget for the Army National Guard. Approved funding requests, tracked expenses daily, and balanced incoming and outgoing funding. Advised subordinate staff of fiscal policies and regulations. Recommended conservative spending strategies based on historical data and current trends in order to eliminate wasteful spending. 

Academic Planning

Coordinated the logistics for seamless operation of 7 limited residency graduate programs with more than 200 students, faculty, and alumni at Goucher College. Develop learning outcome assessment plans according to regional accreditation policies. Created and updated academic calendars and student and faculty handbooks. Managed the development and design of marketing materials and promotional copy writing. Implemented new planning processes that streamlined administrative requirements and improved the efficiency of routine functions.

Event Planning

Planned biweekly meetings, training workshops, and social events for more than 100 attendees. Researched venues, planned menus and catering, created seating charts, designed invitations, and collected funding. Prepared audiovisual support, including: setting up projectors and creating slideshow presentations.


Community Manager | Report for America | Sep 2018 - Present

Adjunct | Community College of Baltimore County | Sep 2018 - Present

Public Affairs Officer | New Jersey Army National Guard | Sep 2017 to Present

Assistant Director of Planning and Logistics | Goucher College | Jul 2017 to Aug 2018

Mentor | Philadelphia Futures | Aug 2016 to May 2018

Teaching Assistant | Goucher College | Sep 2017 to Dec 2017

Creative Nonfiction Editor | Philadelphia Stories | Aug 2016 to Dec 2017

Budget Analyst | New Jersey Army National Guard | May 2010 to Jul 2017



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As a graduate with an MFA and MA, both in creative writing, I have experience proofreading and editing more than 200 manuscripts, some of which were a part of an edited collection about Bruce Springsteen that was published by the Routledge Studies in Popular Music Series. I'm also the former Creative Nonfiction Editor at Philadelphia Stories where I've edited content prior to regional publication. I also write and edit my own creative and professional projects.

Writing and Editing

ACADEMIC: Theses, dissertations, research essays, and literary criticisms

LITERARY: Essays, memoirs, short stories, and book-length projects

PROFESSIONAL: Resumes, cover letters, complaint letters, and proposals

MILITARY: Informational bulletins, memorandums, and presentations






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